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Acne Burdock - Background

Whereas milk thistle is a cooling bitter remedy, burdock is classed as an alterative by herbalists. This means its mode of action does not fit neatly into one of the eliminatory channels in the body. ie laxative, liver tonic, diuretic, expectorant or diaphoretic (promoting sweating). They are especially useful in chronic inflammatory conditions including those that affect the skin, including acne.

Acne Burdock - Traditional Uses

Burdock is considered to be a 'strong' alterative. This can mean that in some cases where there is a particularly toxic and congested state, the symptoms may get worse in the short term, as alteratives bring to the surface things the body needs to eliminate and heal.

The Chinese traditionally use burdock for septic conditions, boils and abscesses, throat inflammations, and tonsilitis. In the west, it is used for problematic skin conditions. Other useful herbs in this category are echinacea, and sweet violet.

the relevance of acne burdockBurdock works strongly through the lymph, sweat and oil glands, but also influences the liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, uterus and joints. Burdock oil or freshly grated burdock root can be applied directly to acne. This works best when burdock is taken internally as well.

Burdock is safe to take long term and burdock root can be eaten also. The suggestion in Susan Weed's herbal book is to take burdock for several months after acne is healed.

Burdock supports, strengthens and nourishes the body, including the immune system.

The Chinese herbalists had their own versions of acne burdock, and they're really effective at balancing out the hormones and detoxifying the body. You can check it out here.





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