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Acne medicine is freely available on the internet. And some of it gets a lot of press - like isotretinoin. Its important to get the right medicine based on the severity of your acne, however. Not every invasion needs a nuclear warhead.

There are a variety of acne medicines that dermatologists prescribe, based on the severity of the acne outbreaks.

Mild Acne

What is mild acne? Mild acne is defined as "Superficial lesions limited to the face, no evidence of scarring and no cysts".

Mild acne responds well to:

  • strict hygiene like
  • washing affected areas
  • not touching face with your hands
  • shampooing hair regularly
  • keeping your hair away from your face
  • using special moisturisers
  • using water based rather than oil based makeup

acne medicine explainedRecommendations: topical creams, gels, ointments and lotions designed to combat acne, such as this acne medicine alternative that keeps acne clear even when you stop taking it.

Moderate Acne

What is moderate acne?

Moderate acne: "Lesions may involve the face and trunk, mild scarring may be seen, acne is comedo-papular but not predominantly cystic."

Retin A creams and antibiotics are usually prescribed by dermatologists and professionals. There are a number of more natural alternatives that are worth trying first as they have fewer side effects and are sometimes more effective. In fact, many people who got sick of some of the side effects of their prescribed medicine have found this acne treatment very effective.

Severe Acne

What is severe acne?

"Acne is causing persistent painful nodules and cysts that may leave deep scars. "

Oral isotretinoin is often prescribed. This must be taken under medical supervision however. There are a number of more natural acne alternatives that people with severe acne have taken and responded well to.

Other acne medicine for severe acne includes higher doses of oral antibiotics. And for women, severe acne medicines include hormone rebalancing treatments, that aim to reduce the level of androgen (male) hormones in the body. Birth control pills like Diane-35 and Estelle 35 are covered here. Other acne medicine includes spironolactone. This is a potassium-sparing medication that is more commonly used as a diuretic medication for heart failure, liver disease and high blood pressure.

Severe acne treatments address these factors

  • they try to correct the problems with the skin's excess growth of cells
  • reduce the activity of the oil producing glands
  • reduce the bacteria, propionibacterium acnes
  • reduce the inflammatory process

Severe nodular or cystic acne should be treated by a dermatologist. Isotretinoin is usually prescribed in these cases. Its believed to reduce the size of the oil glands so less oil is produced. Also reduces shedding of the cells and stickiness in the hair follicles.

There are a number of natural treatments that also seek to rebalance the hormones in the body. One of my favorites uses chinese herbs, and provides a supplement as well as a topical lotion. It makes a great option for those sick of acne medicine side effects





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