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Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatments

Tea tree oil is a natural extract from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternafolia. The tea tree grows in Australia and Asia. This tall evergreen tree has a white, spongy bark. Tea tree oil from the leaves is used medicinally and is credited with powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral qualities. The product has been traditionally used for such conditions like athlete’s foot, body odor, bad breath, cold sores, and acne conditions.

Though it has proven itself to be effective in killing acne bacteria when topically applied, some people have been found to be sensitive to it. However, it is often used as a replacement to benzoyl peroxide, which is a widespread substance used in the treatment of acne. As an anti-bacterial it can help lesson the symptoms of skin inflamed with acne bacteria.

Tea tree oil acne treatments should be tried out cautiously, since the danger of a reaction for some people is definitely there. This is especially true for women with sensitive skin. When applied topically, the oil should be substantially reduced in its concentration. This can be done by diluting it in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil. Tea tree oil acne treatments do not ensure a complete cure anyway. Thee reduce the symptoms, and help control the bacterial population in acne.

do tea tree oil acne treatments workTea tree oil acne treatments have been popular in the health supplement industry for many years, and gradually became known by mainstream Americans. They now come in the form of creams, oil, and even as an ingredient in various skin care lotions.

Tea tree Oil penetrates the skin completely, much like most aromatherapy oils. They leave no oily film, and they penetrate through the epidermis, down to the Basal Cell Layer. They kill bacteria on the way. Skin analysis shows that Tea Tree Oil still remain active in the fatty cells for 21 to 28 days after application.

Tea tree oil acne treatments are used as a supplement for benzoyl peroxide, which has been widely recommended by mainstream practitioners. However, tea tree oil reduces the side effects that are associated with benzoyl peroxide. Tea tree oil acne treatments effectively reduce dryness, burning, and stinging. A 5- 7% concentration applied twice daily is recommended.

Tea Tree oil's effectiveness is the result of two important chemical constituents, Cineole and Terpinen. Both of these main constituents of Tea Tree are bactericidal and germicidal. However, cineole can be a powerful skin irritant.Thus tea tree oils with low cineole and high terpinen contents are preferred. 

If you're one of the people who have sensitive skin, or want a more complete solution that addresses internal hormonal imbalances with herbs as well as providing a good quality lotion, you might want to check out this informatuion, It's a pretty interesting tea tree oil acne treatment alternative that a lot of people have found really effective.








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