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Will Xango For Acne Work?

Should you try xango for acne?

Well, I was doing a little research on it and when I found their explanation of acne in the faq of a xango website, I became a little dubious.

They cite infection, plus clogged pores, as being the main problem (or at least thats what they imply). Now this gives a little clue as to what mode of action xango has for acne.

Apparently mangosteen is used in topical acne treatments in Asia, and the mangosteen has an antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory effect.

It may well be very good as a topical application when prepared as such. Many over the counter topical products work on those pathways - antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The problem seems to be that the preparations sold outside Asia are a liquid which you drink.

examining xango for acne claimsNow xango's mangosteen may have many wonderful antioxidant properties. But 'xango for acne' is not a topical cream, although they say you can smear the red juice over the affected areas if you want. Personally, I would not be wandering far with mangosteen juice over my face, and it can stain clothes.

The antioxidants will benefit your liver, and may well have an overall beneficial effect on your health. But whether the mild or indirect benefit justifies $25 to $35 for a bottle is up to you. I personally think supplements like milk thistle and burdock will have a stronger benefit for less money.

Xango for acne was used historically in Asia for the treatment of skin infections, wounds and pathogens. But acne has been found to have a strong relationship to hormones, and xango for acne does not seem to address these factors. Other historical uses are for inflammatory diseases of the bowel like dysentery and diarrhea. These seem like more likely candidates for xango than acne. 

Fortunately, there are natural preparations that do address the hormonal imbalances of acne sufferers. This xango for acne alternative is also deeplyb rooted in Asian herbal tradition, but with a big difference - it uses herbs specific to clearing acne. Which is probably why it works so well.





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